what you think about funkwhale?
Do you use it ? [link](

Has anyone installed solar panels? What has been your experience? DIY install extra appreciated.
Thinking of self installing a 5kW solution onto a South facing garage. DIY solution appears to be 60% cheaper than hiring a local installer (Ohio)

Good everyday shoe
I'm looking for a nice shoe to replace my current Asics Gel -Keyano 27s. I basically wear these shoes for everything from long walks to yard work. They served me well, but it's time for a new pair as these are worn out. Any recommendations? I was looking at allbirds, but not sure I can make the jump. Thanks!

What is the best thing that could happen to you this week?
It should be within reasonable range, like e.g. you won't wake up as a Yedi or Superman tomorrow and world hunger won't be solved just in a few days, etc

Why is most content on Lemmy just old memes?
I really like Lemmy so far, but sometimes my feed is just invaded by old facebook memes.

What Are Some Great Films Not Adapted from Books?
When films are adapted from books, more often than not, I tend to find the books a lot more enjoyable. So I have skipped watching a lot of films in the hope of reading the books later. So what are some great films not adapted from books? Or what are some films that are significantly better than the book they were adapted from?

Do you send birthday whishes on the birthday of your friend’s children?
Or do you have a rule, like only for very close friends or if you actually know their children...?

I live in a big city in the center. When i activate "Show bluetooth devices without names" in the developer settings of my android 13 phone, there appear loads of this devices. I have no clue what they are. Does anyone know? Are that the bluetooth nanobots of the vaxxinated people? (/s to last question!)

You become President of the United States. A wealthy person attempts to bribe you to do what they tell you to do for one million US Dollars per year (paid weekly). Do you take this offer?
If not, how much would you counteroffer? (If you aren't an American, assume for this hypothetical that you were suddenly granted citizenship and all other requirements are waived.)

Why do washing machines prevent opening the hatch just after the washing cycle ends?
Most washing machines have a timer that prevents you from opening the hatch just after the washing cycle ends. Instad you must wait for the timer to go off, usually a minute or two, before you can open the hatch. Why? Would letting the user open the hatch immediately after washing ends pose any safety or other issues?

Is there a word for this? When racist trolls try to rebrand “racism is bad” to “difference of opinion”
Here's a pattern you've probably seen: 1. Racists/nazi shows up and says racist/nazi things 2. Get called out for it and/or banned 3. They claim they are unfairly banned "for disagreeing." They completely leave out the part about them being a racist nazi. You know, *that* move. I've seen it more times than I can count and I bet you have too. They call disagreement **with nazism** "opinions you don't like", leaving out the nazism part. Any way of framing disagreements with them while subtracting out the actual content of what they say. It's so common that I think it deserves a word. I know there are generic descriptions: e.g. "being a troll", but I think something specific to this particular behavior deserves its own word. That way it can just be identified and dismissed for what it is and not argued with.

Comments on Trump lawyer Alina Habba’s use of “gaming laptop”
First of all, this is not criticising or taking a cheap shot or really political at all. I am fascinated that a lawyer uses/brings a gaming laptop to trial and I can't help but think it was contrived as another distraction. [What do y'all think? BTW, how expensive are they generally?]( You think she plays League?

Is the purpose of life to be happy?
When I’m unhappy, I feel like I’m doing life wrong. I’d rather be happy. But is happiness the point of life, or is there more to it? If I pursue happiness, mine first then for those around me, is that selfish? But if there’s a bigger purpose, then what about people with Alzheimer’s or dementia who can’t recall recent experiences or make plans?

Can’t Post !AFL
I hope I’m in the right place to post this. I’m subbed to [!]( where there’s currently no posts. I’d like to kick things off and post something there but when I select ‘new post’, the loading wheel just spins indefinitely. Is that sub broken?

Prompts for Stability XL
Good Morning everybody, I'm looking for some prompts for Stability XL. I'm already using the ones I've found on and I would know if you know other similar sites. Thanks in advance

“There’s a thing that I don’t know what is” - Is this correct grammar?
How do you say something like that? "There's a thing for which I don't know what it is" "There's a thing where I don't know what it is" "There's a thing that I don't know what is" or (the one which I hear people say a lot but sounds awkward:) "There's a thing that/which I don't know what it is"? To be honest they all sound awkward to me to varying degrees

Anyone remember RPAN from reddit? Does the fediverse offer anything similar?
I miss RPAN! I could connect with my phone and stream any time, and there would be viewers, if only a few at times. Sometimes a lot though. It was great practice playing for an audience. Lots of great feedback and interactions, helped get me through the pandemic. What's out there in the fediverse that's similar, if anything?

What are your iOS hidden gem apps
Preferably lesser known but game-changing apps that are able to be bought one-time and put all others to shame. To help clarify your thinking, which apps have produced such an outrageous level of value (regardless of one-time cost) to the extent you believe it should be #1 in its category, not necessarily #1 app ever. We'll do a seperate thread for Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, etc but let's stick to iOS for this one. Thanks Lemmings!

Not sure of a better place to ask this but wondering how to figure out why Windows 11 freezes mid game?
As the title suggests I am stuck understanding what’s going on here and I’m pretty pissed off right now. So I had a Minecraft world (Java) running on windows 11 and a few weeks ago I was playing for a few hours and when I came to save the game it just kept spinning and I noticed the clock on the desktop had stopped about 90 mins before and thus it corrupted my game save and I lost the world. I was finding the motivation to play (work all day on a pc so sometimes it’s hard) as it is, and so I was reluctant to start a new world. A couple of weeks later I started a new world and put in an hour here and there. Today I’m playing again for a few hours and come to save again and low and behold the same thing happened. Now I’m too frustrated to check if this world is also dead (last time the folder was there but it never showed in game). Any ideas what is going on here or where I can begin to investigate once I get the motivation to turn the pc on again. The pc is a few months old. Built myself and the specs if needed are: - Asus PRIME B550-PLUS Mobo - 32 GB Corsair Vengeance RAM - Ryzen 7 5600x - Gigabyte GeForce rtx 4060 GPU - Nvme storage - AIO water cooler. As an aside temps are higher than I want. Like 60+ on load (pc) and game launch, but does settle around 45 once Minecraft is loaded in.

What are some cool tech communities I can sub to?
Looking for some recommendations on tech communities for Lemmy!

Best resources to install lemmy on digitalocean
I'm not into these cloud and docker stuff. i have limited knowledge of installing software on VPS. i have installed discourse on digitalocean successfully, it was simple even with docker presence. Is there any type of resources that explains the installation process step by step for beginner people like me?

why do lemmy users hate the use of emojis ?
I'm a heavy emoji user, texting is such a poor medium for communication, many times people get the wrong message, but with an emoji you'll get an idea of the face I'm making, so less chance of misunderstanding I noticed that every time I add an emoji to a comment it gets downvoted, so I tested my theory, wrote a comment without an emoji, got upvotes, went back and added an emoji, got downvotes.. On Reddit people use emojis a lot, on Lemmy I NEVER saw anyone use emojis, my account is new but still for the time I spent here, I never saw the use of emojis So, is it just me, have you noticed this small detail ? and do you miss emojis the way I do ? 😭

I find myself blocking a lot of foreign communities just because they're foreign. It feels wrong and unnecessary. This is the future isn't it? If I set my settings to English why can't I just use Lemmy in English and never know that the person I'm chatting to is doing so in German and they never know that I'm doing so in English?

EILI5: How does Lemmy work?
As the title indicates, how does Lemmy work? I recently inquired in a [couple other communities]( about necessities (whether it be hardware or software, ect) and guidance to create a server/instance and decided I may be better off understanding how this realm works and operates as my starting point, then move into the hardware side, then continue to the Sofware and setup.

What was your first Pokemon card? What was your favorite?
My first two cards were a Meowth and a Geodude. I still have the Meowth but I traded the Geodude at some point :( I think my favorites are the Meowth, my Mewtwo from my history teacher, my Reshiram EX from my friend, and a random Kabuto card that happens to be in German.

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