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Cloud Comparision: AWS vs Azure
Which one - AWS or Azure is right for your business? Go through a dcomparison between these two giants.

Le wiki d’Open:Incubator est là 🎉
![ScreenShot](https://lemmy.tedomum.net/pictrs/image/ISOBOqiGLm.png) Les deux premières sections sont la. Si vous avez des liens intéressants ou si vous souhaitez écrire vous même n’hésitez pas ! Si vous avez des questions, des idées ou des remarques parlez en ici 👈

Manyverse, A social network off the grid
Familiar, yet radically new Manyverse is a social networking app with features you would expect: posts, likes, profiles, private messages, etc. But it's not running in the cloud owned by a company, instead, your friends' posts and all your social data live entirely in your phone. This way, even when you're offline, you can scroll, read anything, and even write posts and like content! When your phone is back online, it syncs the latest updates directly with your friends' phones, through a shared local Wi-Fi or on the internet. We're building this free and open source project as a community effort because we believe in non-commercial, neutral, and fair mobile communication for everyone.

Scuttlebutt, social network a decentralised platform
The Decentralised Web It's time to build our own Internet We're talking about it and gossiping on it

Logiciels - découvertes et partages
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