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Source: Text in the screenshot from Grammarly says: >We develop data sets to train our algorithms so that we can improve the services we provide to customers like you. We have devoted significant time and resources to developing methods to ensure that these data sets are anonymized and de-identified. > >To develop these data sets, we sample snippets of text at random, disassociate them from a user's account, and then use a variety of different methods to strip the text of identifying information (such as identifiers, contact details, addresses, etc.). Only then do we use the snippets to train our algorithms-and the original text is deleted. In other words, we don't store any text in a manner that can be associated with your account or used to identify you or anyone else. > >We currently offer a feature that permits customers to opt out of this use for Grammarly Business teams of 500 users or more. Please let me know if you might be interested in a license of this size, and I'II forward your request to the corresponding team.

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Is it (still) worth trying to switch my family and friends from WhatsApp to Signal? (Read all of it, please.)
This may sound a bit dumb, but eh. So when that WhatsApp privacy policy change thing happened in early 2021, I tried switching from WhatsApp to Signal and Telegram. Telegram kinda stuck with me since i still get news from there, but Signal... not really because I didn't care about privacy back then. Now, I want to make the switch from WhatsApp to Signal, and I have a few plans on how to do that. But, is it worth it, since most people in Türkiye use Whatsapp and even if I switch my family and friends over to Signal, they'll still use WhatsApp since most people are on there. So, yeah. Should i try, or is it not worth doing? Let me know, also, thanks in advance! (Note: Most of my family and friends don't really care about privacy.) (Note 2: This was also posted in r/signal and r/privacy subreddits.)

What are your favorite resources (guides, studies, etc) to learn about privacy?
Hey all, hoping we can share some of our favorite privacy resources. I do not believe this has been talked about on Lemmy, so it will serve as a good thread to get diverse takes on privacy, and how to accomplish the mentioned. Personally, I liked reading and using these: - [The Hitchhiker's Guide to Online Anonimity]( - [EFF's Surveillance Self-Defense]( - [Michael Bazzel's Guide to Extreme Privacy]( Looking forward to the contributions!

I only get 82% :( How much do you get?
I get 82% (27 not blocked. I use Firefox ESR with uBlock and Privacy Badger.

cross-posted from: > Pixelfed got featured on the Wired and here's what [](, the author of [](, [says]( > > > [...] > > > > All those long nights working on backend scalability and performance improvements are about to be put to the test > > > > I wasn't anticipating this attention for a few more months, but I'm ready 😎

Privacy respecting alternatives to PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, etc.?
I'm trying to find a good alternative, isn't a option since I'm living in EU.

Am I okay without a VPN on public networks if I use HTTPS?
I keep hearing on VPN ads that you have to use a VPN to not have your login information stolen. So far I have been using Cloudflare WARP to be safe enough. However, if I am using an HTTPS website, do I really need a VPN or WARP? Will an attacker on the same network as me be able to access passwords transmitted over HTTPS?

What is the best for privacy among the worst companies?
If your employer forced you to either use Google or Microsoft or some other tech company (Apple, Samsung, etc.) what would be a better choice? Which company is more compliant in terms of privacy or generally better and why? I was thinking about Google since there were new regulations enforced by government and at least I don't have to pay for Google Docs, unlike Microsoft where I pay and I'm still spied on.

I FUCKING HATE THIS SERVICE. Assholes don't let you delete your account and ask you to go to their privacy policy page and read through 500 pages of text to find the instructions on how to delete your account, only for it to say you have to contact them to delete it, and when you contact them they never respond back other than the automated email response. Absolute cancer that always adds on 20 extra dollars to all of your tickets at checkout time when seats are quickly selling out. FUCK THIS MONOPOLY AND FUCK THE CORPORATE DICK SUCKING MANIACS RUNNING IT.

College Board shares SAT Scores with Facebook, TikTok, and others
College Board shares SAT Scores with Facebook, TikTok, and others []( "Gizmodo observed the College Board’s website sharing data with Facebook and TikTok when a user fills in information about their GPA and SAT scores. When this reporter used the College Board’s search filtering tools to find colleges that might accept a student with a C+ grade-point average and a SAT score of 420 out of 1600, the site let the social media companies know. Whether a student is acing their tests or struggling, Facebook and TikTok get the details. The College Board shares this data via “pixels,” invisible tracking technology used to facilitate targeted advertising on platforms such as Facebook and TikTok. The data is shared along with unique user IDs to identify the students, along with other information about how you use the College Board’s site. Tok, and a variety of companies." [\#privacy]( [@privacy](

Using a commercial VPN behind OpenVPN on router?
I have media server which is using a commercial VPN that I got with my Usenet subscription. This is the only device on my home network that is using a VPN. I tried to set up pihole on the same server with my router redirecting all traffic to it but couldn’t get it to work while the VPN was active. I’m now looking at getting a Pi 4B solely for pihole and considering running OpenVPN on my router so that my phone can run back to the pihole while I’m out. My concern is that running the dual VPN setup may expose the traffic on my server. The commercial VPN does have an OpenVPN configuration that I could apply on my router but that’s not my preferred option. Will my server traffic still be masked if I’m running a private OpenVPN configuration on the router?

Any iOS alternatives to NewPipe?
Yattee has recently dropped support for iOS 14, and was already extremely buggy to begin with. I currently use the uYou tweak on YouTube, but it isn't as private. Are there any native alternatives that don't involve a PWA?

Chromite - Any sensible reviews?
On Android using Bromite and Mull (with uBlock). Have seen here mention of Chromite. A quick search shows that it is a fork of Bromite. Has anyone undertaken a meaningful real world comparison or general experience?

what do companies do with your phone number ?
I have a question, what do companies do with your phone number ? can they trace who you are and what you do ?

I should have known if the apps free, you're the product. Duolingo appears to harvest the most data compared to other language learning apps. Source: [Surfshark Research](

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Best android browser?
Hello everyone, I'm in search of a new Android browser. Currently, I'm using Via browser, which is lightweight and functions well with essential features. However, the only thing it lacks is a tracker library blocker. I'm contemplating switching to Mozilla Fennec, which does have a library blocker, but I'd prefer something as minimalistic as Via, which I believe is only around 2 MB in size

Firefox needs a 180° turn to full privacy out of the box.
Its the only thing making is a good choice, while people choose Brave, TorBrowser or Librewolf instead. Come and join the discussion. Firefox needs to have some courage. Get rid of all those fake funding by Ad companies. Block Ads and trackers by default. Actually. Dont use damn Google as that contract will run out anyways. Chrome is the Google browser. Firefox simply offering nothing more (on the outside) than it. What do you think? Do you use Firefox out of the Box? Or another browser?

What tools and lists are you using to make the Internet more enjoyable and filter out the crap?
Mostly interested in non-standard ones, e.g. Not necessarily just about ad-blocking but a clean online experience like [SponsorBlock]( Interested in non-standard uBO lists as well. I will try to compile a list of what was said here: - Automatic Captcha Solving: [Buster]( Great mention, use it myself! - [Consent-O-Matic]( Didn't know about this one, will give it a look! - [Additional Annoyances list for uBO]( - DNS blocking/ Pi hole - ...

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How to de google or create a more private experience with pixel 8
So recently bought the Pixel 8 with my previous carrier being Verizon and was going to put Grapheneos on it but I had no idea that Verizon locks the boot loaders of their devices even though google does not. What are some things I can do to de google the device or make it more private like Grapheneos would. Or am I out of luck. Thanks

How do I learn more about using RF to improve my privacy?
Hi, I have been having a look at utilising RF and trying to understand how every device around me emits RF. I recently came across RTL-SDR and HackRF, alongside software like SDR++, TempestSDR, `gqrx` etc. I know that I can spy on my monitor and record keyboard keys being pressed using RF, but what are some other ways I should be looking at to exploit my digital vulnerabilities, and trying to solve such problems? Thanks! --- Edit: I'm well aware that nothing I'm doing is that interesting to security agencies across the globe. With that said, I'm interested in maintaining my privacy, and this happens to be an avenue I find interesting. Any suggestions on how I can look to do so would be greatly appreciated!

"Unless your data is fully encrypted or stored locally by you, the government often can get it from a communications or computing company. Traditionally, that required a court order. But increasingly, the government just buys it from data brokers who bought it from the adtech industry." "this corporate-government surveillance partnership has mostly evaded judicial review." "Police can also track people whose devices have been inside an immigration attorney’s office, a reproductive health clinic, or a mental health facility" "The Fourth Amendment is Not For Sale Act is bipartisan, commonsense law that would ban the U.S. government from purchasing data it would otherwise need a warrant to acquire. Moreover, with the invasive surveillance law Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act set to expire in December 2023, Congress has a chance to include a databroker limits in any bill that seeks to renew it."

Help me choose my mobile browser
As per title, Help me choose a browser for android I have non rooted device. After all the researches I found best for me would be 1: Mull but with Some way for knowing which site have saved any data on my device (Maybe by extension or some defined page like about:config type) But as per my research I do not found any such thing. 2:Cromite or like it but with extension support like kiwi. 3:Privacy browser but just give assurance that google will not track me (as I have nonrooted device I have default webview). I dont think that Vivaldi,Opera or brave stand anywhere when it is about privacy. Help/advice/correct me!

Where to buy domain for your personal website?
Hi, I'm thinking of building a personal website about tech, privacy, open source, etc. Any recommendations about where can I buy domain? .com is taken, but everything else is not. Shuld I take .tech (few dolars more expensive) or something more basic?

privacy concerning (I’m a noob in this field)
hello everyone, I have a question that might turn out to be even stupid but I can't find an answer, I am approaching the world of privacy and anonymity, the question is, even if I have an old laptop where previously there was windows and no methods were used to protect the identity is the pc still considered valid? because if the mac address is unique and I had linked my accounts to the pc, the address is also associated with my person and always will be, is there any way to sanitize this problem or would it be better to buy a new pc and start from scratch?

Freelance Marketplace alternatives with no KYC?
I'm trying to hire a freelancer for a project. I've signed up in fiverr, freelancer and upwork. They all ask for my ID and I just don't want to share it, what is the necessity for that? Really, I want to understand why they ask for this type of documentation, please let me know if you know the reason. Anyways, I wanted to know if you knew any alternative that doesn't require KYC Thanks in advance!

cross-posted from: > **SimpleX Chat** > > Private and Secure messaging platform without user IDs > > Will this new messenger replace Signal? > > [**Watch on Youtube**]( > > *by Evgeny Poberezkin*

I know Instagram is anti privacy, but can anyone explain this? Question about multiple Instagram accounts on different apps sharing data between each other
So I have 2 Instagram apps on my phone. Instander is my personal account and instathunder is my "lewd" account (mostly cosplay girls and such). They're on separate apps and use separate emails, however, my main accounts search page is like 90% cosplay/goth/alt girls. I have never looked that up on my personal account but its all that's being recommended. Are they reading information from each other? How can I stop this? Also, how do I get my personal accounts feed to be normal again?

The Future of Privacy in the Age of AGI and AI Glasses
As technology continues to advance, we are rapidly approaching a future where Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and AI glasses will become commonplace. While these advancements have the potential to revolutionize the way we live and work, they also pose a significant threat to our privacy. With the widespread use of AI glasses, everything we see and hear can be recorded and analyzed by powerful AI algorithms. Even seemingly insignificant details can be used to extrapolate a wealth of information about us, from our daily routines to our deepest desires. As AGI becomes more intelligent, Meta and other companies that control these technologies will have unprecedented access to our personal information. They will be able to track our every move, monitor our conversations, and even predict our behavior with alarming accuracy.

A few days ago I sent a GDPR request to some company to delete my personal data. They said to install their app and send a ticket from the app. The email was sent from the email address to which the account is registered. Is this even legal?

*"A company which enables its clients to search a database of billions of images scraped from the internet for matches to a particular face has won an appeal against the UK's privacy watchdog.* *Last year, Clearview AI was fined more than £7.5m by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) for unlawfully storing facial images.* Privacy International (who helped bring the original case I believe) responded to this [on Mastodon]( *"The first 33 pages of the judgment explain with great detail and clarity why Clearview falls squarely within the bounds of GDPR. Clearview's activities are entirely "related to the monitoring of behaviour" of UK data subjects.* *In essence, what Clearview does is large-scale processing of a highly intrusive nature. That, the Tribunal agreed.* *BUT in the last 2 pages the Tribunal tells us that because Clearview only sells to foreign governments, it doesn't fall under UK GDPR jurisdiction.* *So Clearview would have been subject to GDPR if it sold its services to UK police or government authorities or commercial entities, but because it doesn't, it can do whatever the hell it wants with UK people's data - this is at best puzzling, at worst nonsensical."*

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“[GNU/]Linux being secure is a common misconception in the security and privacy realm.”
"[GNU/]Linux being secure is a common misconception in the security and privacy realm." []( "[GNU/]Linux is thought to be secure primarily because of its source model, popular usage in servers, small userbase and confusion about its security features. This article is intended to debunk these misunderstandings". Based on this, one should try to do as much as possible on a GrapheneOS device [@privacy](

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