- OS: OpenSuse Leap 15.2 - DE: Gnome 3.34.5 - Theme: Windows-10-Dark-3.2-dark - Icons: Windows Technical Preview - Wallpaper: [](

Colourscheme, gtk scheme, and icons: []( Dotfiles: [](

Not pictured because DWM but, my wallpaper is: ``` xsetroot -bitmap /usr/X11R6/include/X11/bitmaps/xsnow -bg "#101010" -fg "#d0dfb0" ```

#### **Device:** [Thinkpad E470]( #### **Distro:** [Xubuntu 18.04.5 LTS]( #### **Theme:** [Arc-Darker]( #### **Icons:** [Arc x]( #### **De:** [Xfce 4.12]( #### **Wm:** [Xfwm]( #### **Terminal:** [Xfce4-terminal]( #### **Panel:** [Xfce4-panel]( #### **Shell:** [Bash]( #### **Editor:** [Atom]( #### **Wallpaper color:** [#E5B680]( #### **Font:** [Ubuntu Light - size 10]( #### **Image Viewer:** [Feh]( #### **Open image:** [Samantha De Reviziis]( #### **Firefox:** [Userchrome.css]( ---- #### All necessary info such as time, date, ram & cpu is displayed with conky. I have conky set to output to the terminal & show only when I press a keybinding. Everything realted to my conky config can be found [**"here"**]( & [**"here"**]( on my github dots repo....

Source: * **Distro: Arch Linux** * **Desktop Environment:** KDE Plasma 5.20.4 * **Plasma Style:** [Modern 10 Light]( (modified the Action Center icon) * **Icons:** ["Windows 10"]( * **Cursor Theme:** [Win-8.1-NS]( * **UI Font:** Segoe UI * **Monospace Font:** Recursive Mono Linear * **Window Decoration:** [Breeze10]( * **Wallpaper:** [From WallpaperHub]( (AI Upscaled with [Let's Enhance]( * **Terminal Emulator:** Kitty * **Kitty Color Theme:** [BluCrystal]( (slightly different, will update soon!) * **Shell:** fish * **Taskbar:** Latte-git * **Font Rendering:** [Infinality Remix]( (to better match Windows 10's font rendering) I also had to modify some files to better fit Windows, [here they are](

I liked using CWM. It was quick, and efficient. Unfortunately, I didn't think it was very pretty. Fvwm, OpenBSD's other window manager (I haven't tried twm yet), is very pretty but not very keyboard-driven. It has retro, 3D borders, and I spent my sunday setting up keyboard shortcuts so FVWM can be actually used. [dots](

Gnome - Linux - MechanicalKeyboard

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