Instructions for running your own lemmy instance.

For the moment, is using an explicit allowlist for instances we federate with. If you currently run an instance, and would like to be added to

  • Let us know either on !lemmy_instances, or commenting here.
  • We’ll add you to our allowlist.
  • Add this block to your server’s lemmy.hjson config (for open federation):
federation: {
  enabled: true
  tls_enabled: true
  # allowed_instances:,other_instance.tld,... uncomment this to use an allowlist
  • Type ! into your server’s search box, and subscribe to it to connect the two instances.

Second test from a 0.11.0 version of lemmy on

Test from tedomun’s lemmy instance ! :waving hand:


I find myself trembling as I am trying to comment on these brilliant news from a remote instance. This is going to be one most interesting journey.


It seems to be working nicely!


No it does not, or at least our comments do not seem to be visible from, nor do we see any of the remote comments from this instance. We should review project issues since this is probably not implemented yet.

Lemmy Announcements

Feel free to announce new communities here.

Other than that, this is reserved for admin use only.

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