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well, that’s my plan as well, however I’m missing mobile versions of apps, soe far only available for desktop, since the from factor is different, I guess the gui should be different as well. The best would be using at lest Qt apps, which might work on mobile… BTW, although I don’t like flatpack, I’ll have to start using I’d guess, if moving to gnu+linux phones. I do like the fact what comes with pinephones now a days is manjaro with plasma mobile.

I guess I can get used to some non mobile apps working on a phone, but I maintained my family’s phones with lineageOSforMicroG, no gpapps installed, and mostly using f-droid, except for few apps without alternatives (including whatsapp, which my mom and sister can’t get rid of), so I don’t see how I can keep them up to date with current good old xiaomi redmi 4x (which by the way are pretty comfortable, like 4.5 inches, which are easy on short hands).

Although lineageOS is opensource, it depends on a bunch on non free proprietary stuff, which gets stuck on old linux versions. And as mainstream is google, there’s nothing good to be expected about not breaking old devices. Moreover, where it reads “iptables can’t be restored in any meaningful way”, it means upstream (yeah, google) purposely broke it so bad, that it almost looks like that breaking devices stuck at old linux versions was their intention. Iptables keep working fine on Today’s 5.17.4, on any gnu+linux desktop distro, so there’s no reason to break it, just because of using newer linux versions. Ohh well ! Sad times, specially when depending on corporates provided stuff…

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What’s wrong with IPTables? It just works.

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don’t want to sound cynical

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