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Situation with Empress Hacker and the “Empress Revolution”
Since several days ago, we started to receive a big influx of users given that a famous "hacker" under the pseudonym of "Empress" migrated to Lemmy. More specifically, she migrated to our instance. We, not being aware of the implications and seeing someone that was trying to run away from Reddit because of fear of being banned, accepted both her and her community. However, things started to go weird in the moment we started to see mentions of the JK Rowling game Hogwarts Legacy and how she was working on cracking it, as well as people going here just for it. There has been recent polemic in the media about transphobic and exclusionary comments said by JK Rowling as well as deep trues about how the game was made and some content, which we want to avoid mentioning here. The fact is that, after a few days, she posted here two utterly transphobic posts directly insulting trans folks and mocking of them. This gave us red flag and we insta-banned her, still not knowing what was all this about since we have little information about her. I, personally, had a conversation in the Fediverse with a Fedi-friend which told me about some things which I saw while digging in her participation in Reddit. --- That said, in Lemmy.ml, and I hope that in any other instance, we have 0 tolerance to discrimination based on gender identity in any sense and, in this case, with humiliation included. If you come here just for that, don't expect even a warning. This will come with an insta-ban. This is not about a person learning and being gender questioning, for which even better places like LGBTQIA Wikia could serve as a good start first point, this is about transphobia itself. Related to people who came here for Empress, she is not here anymore and if you arrived here just for her or the "game", we tell you to get out of here to another place.

I hope it will make the people who want to use a GNU/Linux OS daily, do not think of the codecs as reason to not switch.

I see your perspective, but not the usefulness of your approach.

I prefer telling them how it works and that is a way to make actual documentation accessible. I also adapt my explanations to each person and situation.

It is preferable to have people who know how to use an OS and not being hanging around without knowing what to do because they expect even the most simple things done.

That said, codecs work great with Debian stock, so I am unsure about the issues you mention.

I use stock Debian.

No problems here.

In the case you use GNOME desktop and has issues with the deprecated AVI format still used in some playes and with GNOME Video app, just install libavcodec-extra or use GNOME-MPV (now named in another name I always forget).

The case for OpenSuse. In reality, they do the right thing given that is an European OS. It is illegal in some European countries to distribute several codecs by default given the copyright holders.

Instead of calling for a negation for their package management you should call for content distributors not using well-deployed and available open formats / codecs as well as the copyright holders of the propietary ones for putting these nonsense as rules.

Maybe integrating both?

To be exact, tagging would be useful a lot for me or similar.

Do you imagine using Lemmy as comment system for torrent-csv.ml over the torrents?

I use it everyday, the only issue is that I miss descriptions, which sadly are dependent on uploads to other sites such as ThePirateBay and so.

It would help me to differenciate files (I care for subtitles in media).

You can use it already and is really stable :3

I would propose GoToSocial :3

It is still faulty on some features though.

There is no issue with you posting a bit here, but I feel that this post would better come to some sort of accelerationist or consumerist community, maybe even technology one.

However, I am not against posting this here as it is not offtopic.

Dating software (and not Tinder/Grindr-like).

There is Alovoa but federation is not implemented yet.

There was another one called Amore or similar but I am unsure if it is continued or was abandoned. Alovoa has more probabilities to get there.

Do you think that pictrs is gonna support S3-compatible storage?

I would consider also the pronouns in posts and bio too.

Waiting to happen.

Arcmage - Introduction
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/434179 > # Arcmage - Free card game > > ## Introduction > > Hello everybody! > > We're Franzo, Yusf, Jesusalva, Bikepunk, Nico and many, many others from [arcmage.org](https://arcmage.org/), we’re a community of free culture-loving individuals, creating a high quality customizable card game (e.g. like Magic: The Gathering) that is open, innovative, free & gratis. The game is playable both with real cards as well as online in the browser. > > > ### A LITTLE BIT OF HISTORY > > Arcmage has a very long history and was born in 2016 as a successor to [wtactics.org](https://wtactics.org/) (2010-2013). We had in mind to create a community driven, fun, fantasy strategy game without artificial card scarcity or pay-to-win. Only your imagination, your deck building skills and your game tactics decides the outcome. > > Lately we made great improvements to the online game experience working on the [aminduna browser client](https://aminduna.arcmage.org/#/play), and we'll continue to further improve the game and would love some feedback! > > As usual, we'll also release an entirely new set of cards next Fall! (SET 5 - Changing Winds). > > > ### A COMMUNITY DRIVEN CCG > > What we offer is pretty unique: a chance to play and/or co-develop a free and open source customizable card game (CCG) with a proven track record of getting things done. > > Join the community and suggest new cards, give input on the rules, or just play for fun and for free. Anybody could play it for free (donations appreciated) :-) You can also buy the cards from the website and play with your friends! Or print them and start playing right away. > > You might want to [read the rules](https://arcmage.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/Arcmage-Rules-Compact.pdf) and try out [arcmage online](https://aminduna.arcmage.org/#/play) (no adds, no registration, no tracking) or follow our [mastodon](https://mastodon.social/@arcmage) page where we publish all the new stuff about the game. > > You can also join our [Matrix](https://matrix.to/#/!fljIQduTQTMNRfwYhT:matrix.org) room and play some matches with us! > > See you there, > the [arcmage.org](http://arcmage.org/) team > > > ### LINKS > > - Play online with a friend (or us): https://aminduna.arcmage.org/#/play > - Getting started rules (pdf): https://arcmage.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/Arcmage-Rules-Compact.pdf > - Mastodon: https://mastodon.social/@arcmage > - Matrix: https://matrix.to/#/!fljIQduTQTMNRfwYhT:matrix.org

My worries are not focused in how much power that company has but the importance about digital rights, including software freedom between others.

Reminder that Bitwarden is backed by Microsoft SQL Server even in self-hosted instances (you must use it as backend database service).

Vaultwarden is a re-implementation that allows you, between other features, to use FLOSS database servers instead.

It is not for you specifically but also for people to which you made a proposal in the form of an opinion.

FreeTube would be what you are looking for instead of Yt-dip.

First, the kind of war you try to represent with public domain and copyleft is not, in anyway comparable.

Public domain content doesn’t have almost any kind of protection agaisnt some entity (personal or not) claiming property.

In copyleft world, you don’t have only to rely in yourself, you can create a collective, organization or rely in third party collectives dedicated to that, which exist and are not a few.

The “lore” gets closed in that world since the moment that a propietary copy gets famous and doesn’t contribute back to the original, which, in fact, has no central point of avaliability but it is almost a just 1-release version that in the moment you stop, it will become difficult to track.

Here I see confusion between openness and freedom.

The freedom is in the possibility you have to get each avaliable option, and not in the number of options which is the case in openness.

In the moment that there is a possibility to choose an option which prevents choosing the rest, the freedom is gone.

Do you want avaliability almost forever? It is preferable that you mount a collective or find an entity big enough to handle it.

What is the point of an Open Narrative Framework if anyone can hide your original public domain version by attributing themselves the work and distributing it closed?

This could be made easily through SEO nowadays.

It also involves that derivatives could “improve” without giving back, which could help to other people’s needs.

Basically, what someone already pointed here about maintaining it open.

I think that is being converted in a tool similar to Mattermost or Rocket Chat for internal chats in a company.

Bitwarden uses MicroSoft SQL Server as the only DB server option.

It is also the one they run on their main service, so it is not fully FLOSS and I would not consider that DB server reliable at all given its nature.

As Helix pointed before, there is a fully FLOSS replacement compatible with API and clients called Vaultwarden, which is also written in Rust and allow MySQL/MariaDB and PostgreSQL DB servers AFAIR.

You have MetaGer as metasearch engine which can be configured to use its own crawler if self-hosting or InfinitySearch which has several versions and has its own crawler by default plus other indexes. Both FLOSS.

The last one needs self-hosting or payment involved. There is other version which is decentralized too.

About “product” in the sense you explain there, no. I stop reading when someone start using that for describing anything and is not in the sense of simple result of work but in the commercial sense as which inviting people to use something and earn audience (even if money is not involved directly).

BTW, I was just showing jorgesumle their error in their assumption there.

Gemini community looking for a new mod
I realized that there was no current mod for the [Gemini community](https://lemmy.ml/c/gemini) yesterday. If I remember correctly, the old mod left this instance time ago. Since the community is still active, I am looking for a person or people who are interested in taking moderation there. The focus is based towards people who are already set in the community or in this instance itself.

Brave Search is also nonFLOSS and we could also argue that with a client using Facebook API, Facebook could be used without JavaScript.

What should I know about North Macedonia?
I have been studying Web Development since 2019 and, if everything goes as expected, I would be doing my practical part in North Macedonia through Erasmus+ program. Given that, what should I take into account? PD: I never travelled before.

Are you shy but also an activist?
In the case that the answer is positive, I want to know how you deal with your near environment (family and friends) and how you solve the situation to expand it to the rest.

Oh shit. A modern-designer website fully compatible with UXP-based browsers. I love it.

In HexBear, preferred pronouns were added, but not in Lemmy.