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Hmm, interesting. Where are you from?

Men, how well do you know your best male friends?
I keep seeing men online (Reddit, Instagram, TikTok) saying how they don't know personal details about their male friends of several years. It is mostly said in a proud context, or in disbelief when a woman talks about it. I'm talking about knowing someone for years and not knowing what they do for work specifically, their relationship status/major issues, their life goals, their family situation, birthdays, and stuff like that. For context, I am a man in my 20s. I have a close friend group of around 10 people. We all know each other very well. We have a group chat, and meet at least once a week (obviously some people can't always make it). We know a lot of details about each other, so this idea of being close friends with someone and not knowing personal stuff about each other seems foreign and weird to me. Does it actually happen, or just internet hyperbole?

Exactly. I’m a mod in a few subreddits, the biggest of which is /r/Showerthoughts. People don’t notice our existence unless we interact with them directly, and you rarely interact with users unless to ban them or to remove their content. So it is expected to be hated.

Counting Android is just lying. ChromeOS and WSL are a stretch, but you can make an argument for them.

Yeah I posted this 2 years ago. The way “Active” sorting works in Lemmy, is you see the posts with recent comments. Someone commented on this, pushing it back to the front page.

HackerNews has an interesting approach: You can’t downvote comments unless you reach a certain amount of “Karma”, and you can’t downvote posts at all, you can “flag” them, meaning you think they don’t belong here. Flagging doesn’t affect the vote count, but massive flagging does make the post appear lower in the feed, and alerts mods.

This, alongside the tight moderation and zero-tolerance towards flame wars in the comments makes HackerNews one of the best places on the internet imho.

Same. For me, upvote = adding something to the conversation. That’s why I upvote most comments I come across, and rarely downvote people.

Comparing iPhone to “Android” isn’t fair, because people conveniently compare it to the lowest end. Compare the iPhone 14 Pro Max to the S23 Ultra for example, a phone from a respected company at the same price range. And it isn’t “luck”. Just a quick Google search will give you the high-end Android devices currently.

Have you ever tried using the terminal exclusively for your day-to-day usage for any amount of time?
How was it? What programs did you use? I want to try it, but the browser thing is a deal breaker I think.

Is Lemmy gaining or losing active users over time?
I'm new here, so I'd like to know if this project is growing steadily or not really catching on. It has a lot of potentioal imho, but I understand how hard it is to make people use "alternative" websites.