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I joined it when the calckey.social server was less than a month old. I am definitely staying on board for the forseeable future.

cross-posted from: https://beehaw.org/post/979002 > As a basis for the post title, I used the thumbnail "title" instead of the somewhat clickbaity title Nick used for the video. > > For those who rather watch on Youtube for whatever reason: https://youtu.be/8yAo9Bc6iOI

Because of the social aspects it may be more like Instagram than like Imgur, but there is Pixelfed.

I recommend trying to search the full link (while being logged in with a browser, not Jerboa) into search instead of @—@***.&&& because unless the there are others on your instance already subscribed it is not always going to work that way. I hope this is helful to you.

Otoh, his Akkoma instance should block poa.st. It is Noble of him to argue, but probably it won’t accomplish much when he takes bait.


Sorry for abbreviating in the previous reply, where this was not a wise thing to do.

The Lemmy Devs are kind of hardcore MLs, AFAIK so I doubt they will ever have an IPO, lol.

Not afaik, but the distinction subscribed - local - all might make more sense for Lemmy given it’s intended purposes.

From Lemmy I think, I had the same problem when remote subbing from Beehaw. Resubscribing seemed to have solved it for me though.

I have been using it for a bit since yesternight, so far I like it although I still kind of have to get used to it (I have been out of the habit of microblogging for like 6 or 7 years).

The UI is actually quite nice, with pretty good looking themes. There is a distinction between “global” (known network), “local” (your instance), and “social” (mostly people you follow), as well as “recommended” timelines. Features like channels I might explore some time in the future, so currently cannot say much about them.

Onboarding works quite nice with how you are being guided through filling in a profile, selecting a first few people to follow and writing a first post.

My Lemmy profile page shows my Calckey account, for those of you who wish to follow me. 😁

Arguably you could have just reported instead of doing this comment lol.

Well, if I were to remove my generalisation on age out of my comment, what would that make you think of it?

I suspect (but never tried to test this) that the fedi in its current form mostly targets the ideologists (left and right), the tech savvy and (when generalising a bit on age) Gen X and younger. Ideally this would not be the case but right now it is what it is.

Click on “communities” and then click on “all”. Then search “art” (or similar keywords).

@arberllugiqi@lemmy.ml Maybe look more carefully in what groups you are posting. You seem to have no idea on what page you are. And please, learn how to put an actual question in the title instead of “help”.

I think Linux Mint with Cinnamon or xfce. Manjaro and Fedora might be just a tad too much.

The Lemmy software is still in a not-so-finished state. If you get what I mean.