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Signal >>>>>>>> WhatsApp > texting > Telegram >>>>>>> Messenger.

Music: I have a few CDs that are in need of a CD player and also have Jellyfin (no server, only local) to listen to my downloaded music on my TV (which mostly comes from Bandcamp). For my phone, I have the Bandcamp app, it’s basic but it does what I need from it.

Podcasts: via Podcast Addict on my phone (unfortunately no browser version, but that’s gotten less important with the years as I spend less time on my computer and the time I do spend requires enough focus that I don’t listen to podcasts), during sports sessions (podcast for warmup & cooldown, audiobook for the session itself), commutes, walking, cleaning & cooking.

You should post here: !

This is not a technical support community.

(but also i’ve had the same issue since the last lemmy update, i suppose a bug made its way in there.)

Sounds like an issue with Jerboa more than with Lemmy tbh if you can’t properly block a community. Log in to the website and block the community there.

My suggestion would be to back it up on the Internet archive manually once in a while.

This was originally built to explain Meta's P92 to some people, and I slightly edited it to make it a bit more general. It starts with Twitter, then Mastodon, then the Fediverse as a whole in what I hope is an intuitive manner, and requires no "tech literacy" outside of knowing what Twitter and Facebook are like.

Being LGBTQ+, or not white, or not a man, or disabled.


  • I’m annoyed at calling people who dislike an app and choose another website “refugees”
  • I’m happy that we’re going to have more activity
  • I hope more instances will be built and maintained, because I don’t think the large number of new members can be moderated effectively if they keep flocking to the same handful of instances
  • When in doubt, I hope moderators will be too strict rather than not enough, especially in the beginning to make sure the behavioural expectations are very clear

Do you federate with Beehaw? I have a 404 every time I look for a community from Beehaw :(

They’re semi-public spaces, I’m not sure “infiltrate” is the right term. (I’d call it correct for WhatsApp though.)

Yeah, maybe having a single recommended instance on the signup flow also meant centralizing the spamming, woops.

Is there a FediAct equivalent for Lemmy?
FediAct makes a bunch of redirections to Mastodon so that you can easily interact with people outside of your instance. Does Lemmy have a similar solution? I've been struggling hard to follow communities from federated instances, and would love to be able to do it in one click.

I have nothing against it, as long as the Fedi remains open source and we can still operate instances that don’t cater to their will.

Quick summary: this is a post for instance owners who don’t want to get sued under US law for what members of their instance have posted. It mostly covers copyright infringements, but also a few other topics like sexual imagery of children.

I love my Mastodon plugin, but wish I could have a Lemmy plugin to easily share stuff. It would be much more constructive than sharing on Mastodon too, as the format for sharing content that is made by someone else is more suited to Lemmy in my opinion.

Mes notes résumées : Dès le début du tourisme, on a fait la différence entre les touristes "moutons" qui suivent la mode de l'industrie, et les touristes "voyageurs" qui profitent vraiment de leur destination, en pleine conscience. L'enquête trimestrielle sur le tourisme de TNS Sofres (qui remplace l'enquête vacances de l'INSEE depuis 2004) propose des listes d'activités comme les activités sportives et culturelles, et ignore les activités pas assez nobles : bronzage, sieste, karaoké, barbecue, apéro. Des fortes fréquentations de quelques lieux ont un impact négatif sur certains endroits. Les [[calanques de Marseille]] sont un exemple, la [[Corse]] a instauré des quotas de touristes à partir de l'été 2022. Ces politiques de quota relèvent de la communication, voire du [[greenwashing]]. Cette tourismophobie s'accompagne souvent de sa composante l'[[retour à la nature|urbaphobie]] qui voudrait que les touristes doivent fuir la ville, alors qu'en général, les touristes cherchent au contraire des lieux très urbanisés (stations balnéaires, parcs d'attraction, métropoles, etc.).

Un peu de douceur dans ce monde de brutes !