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I think so too and made an issue which I hope will get fixed someday!

Last time I tried to @ a Lemmy community it didn’t work at all unfortunately.

I’m afraid I’d be even more depressed by the wtf moments in a public organisation, but I am also considering it.

That makes sense, thank you for taking the time to explain your reasons!

Hiya! I just visited this community (! and wanted to point out that the daily threads on a tiny community make up more noise than valuable content. The active threads are 100 % bot-generated prompts with 0 replies, which is very discouraging. I’d recommend having at most one per week, and otherwise trying to fill the community with information or questions rather than megathreads like these :)

Being emotionally detached from really stupid leadership decisions is harder than it seems

! ! !

Yeah, I’d like it too, but I suppose it’s a lot of work.

It’s not supposed to be. It doesn’t jam endless recommendations in your feed once you’ve gotten at the end of the new, fresh content. I feel like it’s a feature, not a bug, to have platforms that don’t optimise for time spent on them, because they don’t need our attention to show us ads.

I think this is fine - people I’ve seen who objected to this kind of project were more about their account being indexed. Projects like respective size of instances were always fine

I don’t really mind, I think it’s nice to give people a reason to join smaller instances anyway, ie. telling them they’ll get the quality content and good vibes of Beehaw if they avoid these two monster instances. But for targeting a large audience, yeah that doesn’t work!

Mostly communities for French content, as well as !

I also try to get into the habit of sharing my reads on the more appropriate community, and by default !

Same here, I love how pretty and useful Fastmail is.

She also got suspended from the next 2 games.

Someone on posted this as a comment, for users of instances that block it:

wikipedia itself is more than fine, they just spend a ton of money on other projects thats what the donation drives are mostly funding (most of which suck tbh). Another org that does just fine funding itself through donation is the Organization for Transformative Works (i.e

(if someone could repost this that’s not on an instance blocked by sopuli that would be much appreciated)

try to cure your burnout by waking up and starting work at 6am and passing out at 2am every single day for the rest of your life

I have an account on because I like their vibe and moderation policy, an account on for the occasional community creation (! promo time) and my main account on which is in my country and language.

So my main choice is regional, and then it’s based on moderation policies & community creation permissions, etc., while on generalist instances. I’m thinking of swapping for a smaller, better moderated generalist instance that still allows community creation.