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I can also recommend LXDE which is very lightweight. That’s what I installed on my dad’s old single core laptop.

It shouldn’t matter. Mastodon users should get notified when you reply to their post even though they aren’t tagged in it.

At least that’s the case for me on Friendica but I remember the same behaviour from back when I used Mastodon.

@BuboScandiacus Hm. As far as I know it’s not Fedora which is based on RHEL but rather RHEL which is based on Fedora?

@nutomic @ionhowto you dont have to sign up on multiple instances. if you want to comment a post on another instance, copy the url and paste in into the search field and then your current instance will fetch the post so you can comment on it.

@nutomic is a new instance which can also be used.

Is this still available? [@memes](

They are both using ActivityPub. ActivityPub is not a fixed protocol in itself but a framework for making protocols and implement any feature you want. So that means that some features available on some systems aren’t compatible with others. For example Misskey and Pleroma (and forks such as Calckey and Akkoma) have emoji reactions which aren’t compatible on other systems and therefore can’t be seen. But the basic stuff such as follow, post, comment, like is compatible with all systems.

If you search for ActivityPub Fediverse software, you will find which systems you are able to interact with. Lemmy is a bit more limited than other systems because you can only see posts posted in a Lemmy community. You can’t interact with for example a Mastodon posts if it isn’t posted in a Lemmy community. However I found Kbin to be a good mix. Has the same features as Lemmy plus the Mastodon stuff: a profile for posts, boosts and can interact with any post on the whole Fediverse.

@IverCoder And another thing is would lose users from other platforms such as Mastodon etc. Myself included because I’m using Friendica, not Lemmy. Though I do often interact with Lemmy users and make posts on Lemmy instances.

@IverCoder I think Lemmy is different because what could you use the Reddit source code for? There wasn’t any federation so it makes perfectly sense that a website which only runs at one company will close source their code to avoid competition. With federation it’s different because the instances talk together so there is a difference between the protocol and the large instance. It’s like making email closed source. Doesn’t really make sense for such a protocol.

Lemmy is booming
Lemmy is booming I have never before received so many reactions and comments on my Lemmy posts before, so it's obvious to see, that there are many new members here. Welcome to all the new! And I'm looking forward to see more of you here. Cheers!

Such a beautiful poem "please write me a poem about Fedora Linux" [@linux](

@sexy_peach yeah that would be the best scenario :-)

@poVoq @sexy_peach I think a fediverse can house both types.
those who dont want to pay to have an account on a server (which obviouslly costs money to host), then some instances can show ads on their webinterfaces and fund their costs that way. people who dont care about ads can join such instance and have their free account.

those who dont like ads can either donate or pay for their account or join a free server without ads (if available) or host their own server.

@koncertejo Some people are already working on making Fediverse compatible with Bluesky. So if we can interact with them from here, then I dont care what people prefer.

@winnie @jcbritobr thats usually the case for mastodon when someone replies to your post.

@winnie flatpak runs much better than snap. im off ubuntu.

Is Nano better than Vim? [@memes](

@altair222 @snoopa @ryankage @stephen @Furycd001 yeah I heard that it’s also immutable. never tried it though.

@altair222 @snoopa @ryankage @stephen @Furycd001 you can install packages on main system - it’s just best to avoid it when it’s possible. I have VPN layered on the host system because I don’t think thats possible through a container. Server applications can be run in a container and toolbox and distrobox make it easy because it makes the container applications run almost the same as on the host. With distrobox it’s even possible to run an init system such as systemd inside a container. So I would say it like this: whenever possible, try to run applications inside a container or use Flatpaks. if it isn’t possible then layer them on the host system as the last resort.

@altair222 @snoopa @stephen @Furycd001 Flatpak is really good and easy to use. I use Fedora Silverblue so Flatpak is my preferred way of getting applications, otherwise I build an image and use Distrobox in order not to change the host system, which takes a bit more time. I’d say it’s good for most things, except maybe the browser. Fedora’s Firefox seems to be the most optimized and fastest one compared to the Flatpak version published by Mozilla. Also I avoid Flatpaks published by third-parties where security is important - for example crypto wallets.

@altair222 @snoopa @stephen I don’t like Snap packages. They are really slow at launching. Flatpaks seem more clean, run better and integrates better with the host system such as theming.

Thanks for the explanation. I read somewhere it was a fork of Lemmy so that’s what confused me about not having federation.

@uthredii I’ve never heard of HexBear before. Is it currently federated?

Well good point 😂 the problem is that it’s very few platforms which are supporting subjects , not only Mastodon who doesn’t. You will also have problems from Misskey and Pleroma for example.


No I don’t see it and neither is it my intention to make anything racist out of it. I don’t have any problems with people who are another race than I am - rather the opposite, I think other cultures are very interesting.

I just see it as a funny coincidence that there are 3 different races and if you rotate once to the right, it will be the same race/color together. It’s just coincidence and that’s what makes it funny. Not some evil intention behind it :) and then it’s funny that someone sees it and makes a meme out of it.

@JoeBidet well it’s just people on who can’t tolerate it.

What a load of downvotes posts like this are getting in this community 😃

[@memes]( [![]( "")](


Ah okay thanks for the info. I’m on Friendica and it was on a Friendica instance. I think Friendica has the feature but I’m not entirely sure. I know for sure that Mastodon has it.

I interact with Lemmy a lot from this account 😃

Would be nice if LBRY would add this feature
[@fediverse]( […](

Telegram -> Fediverse bridge
[@fediverse]( I thought that this was interesting as I use Telegram a lot. [GitHub - autogestion/pubgate-telegram: Extension for PubGate, Telegram \<-\> ActivityPub bridge](

Fediverse is like email
It would be nice with a search engine made with decentralization in mind. Like the internet is decentralized but the good search engines are at centralised companies like Google etc.