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A surprisingly great introduction to elliptic curves that scratches the surface of their use in security.

If your small webapp is static, or mostly serves static resources, you could offload these to community driven mirrors, or maybe IPFS?

I gather package repository could be a neat first step toward integrated CI, even external Drone, since it will require authentication from the CI. Anyone have been using this as a basis for implementing some static website hosting?

Plus, a modern phone with decent performance, especially fast storage, can handle synapse, including rather large rooms. Not as efficient as running a truly lightweight HS embedded with the client, but it makes for a perfect p2p Matrix demo.

(Currently running with dozens of rooms including large ones, on a Snapdragon 888 with plenty ram. The obvious bottleneck is the storage chip.)

Contexts and capabilities in Rust - Tyler Mandry
> What if Rust code could instead declare the context it needs, and the compiler took care of making sure that context was provided? This is by far the most exciting reading I have had in the Rust ecosystem lately. Follow up and comment posts: - https://jam1.re/blog/thoughts-on-contexts-and-capabilities-in-rust - https://haibane-tenshi.github.io/rust-contexts/

Open Source Network Automation in 2022
At FOSDEM, Christian will talk about home open source home automation with something of a devops mindset, including topics like infrastructure as code or development lifecycle.

Are we being inclusive with our community recognitions?
Au FOSDEM, Ray Paik aborde la question de l'inclusivité dans le community management autour d'un projet ouvert aux contributions. L'abstract laisse (peut être volontairement) de côté les aspects les prégnants de genre, d'origine, de religion. Pourtant la conférence s'annonce instructive pour les CHATONS.

Garage est un logiciel de stockage distribué développé initialement par LX et les amis de deux fleurs qu'on apprécie tout comme un CHATONS. Le projet a reçu de financements et prend un ampleur intéressante !

Test link
We are testing the latest version of Lemmy after upgrading to 0.12.2. Finally iframely is gone!

Would you share your conf pretty please? ☺

toTedomumHello monde!
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Oui, cette instance était encore clairement en beta mais il va falloir qu’on la fasse vivre, qu’on y trouve du monde pour modérer etc. et bien sûr qu’on l’affiche un petit peu :)

No it does not, or at least our comments do not seem to be visible from lemmy.ml, nor do we see any of the remote comments from this instance. We should review project issues since this is probably not implemented yet.

Il me reste à creuser, à moins que vous ayez des idées, les capacités de fédération avec le reste du fediverse. Pas nécessairement pendant cette phase où tout est whitelisté mais pour préparer la suite.

I would add that a reproducible build (or at least a reproducible build of a fork) is publicly available of f-droid, which is more than most can say: https://f-droid.org/en/packages/de.corona.tracing/

I find myself trembling as I am trying to comment on these brilliant news from a remote instance. This is going to be one most interesting journey.