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I use the “All new” view (no subscribed filter) and never had any issue so I guess it doesn’t matter

How would that work?

I was under the impression you could resize it, not to the whole screen but definitely more than a third of it

You don’t say! Give people the ability to do stupid things and they will

This can easily be generalized to any job requiring any kind of constant thoughts gathering, and is so true!

What kind of issues do you have? Never had any using Debian, Ubuntu or arch

I have been looking for something like that, thanks for sharing!

I don’t understand why this is not the default behavior for Activitypub federated blog engines like writefreely, it would make so much sense!

I don’t get how there can be an ethical question here either.

The only ethical question should be to the detriment of twitter or about specific instances with questionable rules but not about the whole mastodon platform, let alone the fediverse.

Mastodon and pixelfed both self-hosted

Most of my contacts have a gmail account.and I don’t have any issue. I used to go through my DNS provider’s SMTP back when I was hosting at home specially for Microsoft but not anymore.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m from Europe or something else but I’ve been hosting my emails for over 10 years and never really had issues like those discribed in the article.

The only issues I had was when I had to send a lot of emails in a shirt time (invites for a wedding, and it was on a newly created dedicated domain, don’t know if that made it worse).

Also when I was hosting at home, but since I moved to a dedicated server everything has been fine.

That being said I agree that we are being victims of a disgusting racket and that something should be done to make sure everyone is doing their job so that we leave a fair chance to competition. There are rules to regulate other things, I don’t see why it shouldn’t be the case for email and interoperability in general.

Very interesting article and analysis, it’s a shame we reached this state though…

Take a look at rofimoji. You get an emoji selector popup and inputs it in your current app.

That’s very insteresting stuff, I like this kind of hack

Hi, I did not use the ansible playbook so I have no confirmation of what I’m saying here, just talking from my experience with ansible.

  1. Yes, you need to clone it to your local machine even if it would also work from your VPS it’s much more practical to run ansible from a separate host.
  2. Those {{ values }} are defined somewhere in your ansible inventory. For example {{ domain }} is defined in the hosts file you have to copy (domain=example.com)