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Qualcomm is my main fear also. They will ship it with lots of closed source firmware digitally signed with their private keys which users can’t replace so expect a shitty bootloader and don’t forget about always running hypervisior, trust zone and world most kept secret modem

It’s going to expire! Chicks are hard to get in teens.

You can use nvtop for monitoring your GPU, not as detailed as radeontop though but looks good

Yes and i don’t see any problems in that, it will be more secure bcz system webview automatically gets updated to mitigate vulnerability.

What bread do you use? I asked bcz white breads are not considered healthy.

i don't use any bar bcz it take space and i can't afford on my laptop screen

I too use firefox based browser on linux, windows and android with lots of privacy focused extensions installed and don’t have any of the problem he is describing.

maintaining a custom fork of a very active software project is very hard bcz google maintains chromium and they don’t have to ask anyone if they want to add or remove something from their project but if you are a maintainer of a fork who adds more features and don’t upstream your changes(in brave case google will not accept pull request from them for the feature they already remove like Manifest V3) maintaining the patches and constantly porting them to the newer version is a pain in the ass and imagine yourself working against large team of google engineers, they get paid to do this but not lots of people have resources to keep fixing all the PRs from Google devs which they make to break the adblockers to maximize Google profits.

its far better to use a browser which was made from ground up to support user privacy and features rather then patching a browser which was made to compromises their user privacy

No you all are wrong, she is using a gaming laptop bcz it is the only thing that can run stable defusion on the go which she is going to use to generate false evidence for trump

Give it a try, it does show code and you can put breakpoint and step through it. It looks like Visual Studio(not the electron version which is VS code).

So you want debugger integrated in vs codium then no, i was talking about standalone debugger but it would be cool if there would be a way to integrate both of these software together.

No largest note was ₹2000 but just recently it got banned maybe government likely going to launch new notes?

You can use ILSpy based debugger for .net application. One debugger which i really like it called dnSpy

Those who don’t know about it go and read GNU replicantOS blog and wikipedia page

Firefox based browsers exits and if you need chromium based there are also other degooled browser available.

That’s a system level integration! Someone have to make an app with root or shizuku api

MP3 is old embrace opus, high quality audio in small size!

You can keep AV1 codec video inside .MKV container!

I do use vanilla arch but i never suggest anyone to use it because the amount of full system update necessary to prevent it from breaking, i always run sudo pacman -Syu after login and if a user don’t have broadband connection then i don’t think arch and gentoo linux are for them.

They did mention that gpu has open source mesa driver support

4k decoding still drops frames, hardware is capable but drivers are not right now

It’s not “opengl 3.1” it’s “opengl es 3.1” which stand for embedded system and roughly equals to OpenGL 4.3 spec.

I take 4 showers per day if i am going out for work and if i stay at home only 2, morning and in night and before going to bed.

That’s why no country has achieved communism they are all authoritarian!

  • AOSP(Android open source project)
  • Linux
  • designing one low level emulator
  • making my own game engine
  • reverse engineering and source code recovery of my childhood games.
  • writing firmware for my personal laptop and phone so, it runs on fully on open source code.
  • writing my own compiler and JIT runtime.
  • making my own Standard C Lib.
  • write my own minimal Desktop environment based on wayland without using graphics library like QT and GTK.
  • i also want to write my own hypervisor.

Yeah, there in-browser ide is good for learning

i think studying spirituality and doing meditation can bring us together, that is the only way we can understand all human and living being are same there is no difference between us (on spiritual level off course). There is too much discrimination in this world, rich vs poor, white people vs darker color people, america vs china vs russia, straight people vs LGBTQ+ community, communist vs capitalism vs socialism, vegan people vs meat lover, religion vs atheist.

spirituality can solve things which religion couldn’t.

I was born in a Hindu family, i don’t believe in God but i really like and keep deities statues and pictures as Art. I also read religious text bcz i found there are lots of good things which can be learned from it and i am also fascinated about how old these scriptures are and still tells about lots of good things about human mind, life and society.